Sunday, 25 July 2010

Inception Top Trending Topic on Twitter

After another successful weekend at the US Box Office with $43.5mil (bringing it domestic total to $143.7mil) and holding off the new Angelina Jolie flick SALT from the number one spot, it has been announced that Inception was the top trending topic on twitter last week.

Twitters trending topics are generated by a large number of users tweeting about the same subject. In this case users were tweeting how much they enjoyed the film or voicing how they didn’t understand it. Either way any publicity is good publicity and a lot of people are talking about Inception.

It also goes to show how Twitter can give analyst a quantifiable way of measuring the extent that word of mouth is pushing their films. If this many people are tweeting about the film, many more movie-goers are likely to be discussing with their friend offline.

This good word of mouth would also attribute to Inception’s relatively small percentage drop off in its second weekend (with only a drop of 31%). In this case the Twitter trending topics has been very helpful to the film. However, if movie-goes were to be really disappointed with a new release and then tweeted this opinion Twitter would also be providing a platform that could be very detrimental to long-term box office returns of lacklustre films.


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