Monday, 26 July 2010

Captain Jack Addresses Comic Con Attendees

Those who were lucky enough to attend the annual 2010 Comic Con event this past weekend were lucky enough to get a sneak-peek at the new Pirates of the Caribbean film: On Stranger Tides.

Well, no actual footage from the upcoming sequel was shown but Captain Jack himself addressed the crowd (in a special promo clip) and talked about the future adventures he’ll be involved in. He mentioned "very insubstantial dangers, including but not limited to zombies, cut-throats, mermaids, and a vicious and vivacious Penelope Cruz" which all sounds very exciting.

This was one of the most unique ways of promoting a movie at Comic Con. Most studios were showing short teasers and rushed together film clips from the previous weeks shooting. Disney took the approach of having the starring character from the film actually talk and push the movie rather than having the actors and makers talk about it was a refreshing experience. Also, let’s be honest, the Pirates films live by Jack Sparrow and I imagine all marketing for the forth film will be focused on Johnny Depp’s eccentric anti-hero so who better to sell your film then the Captain himself.

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