About MoviePush

Movie Marketing is the the focus of MoviePush - discussing the marketing of movies through traditional and digital media channels

There are many movie sites already in existence, ones that purely review films, those that have interviews with the cast and crew and those that link to the newest trailers. Yet there are very few that look specifically at the marketing of movies (absurd considering how much time and money goes behind a successful movie marketing campaign) and therefore this is what I aim to focus on at MoviePush.

I will be looking at new movies and the marketing techniques used to promote and "push" them into market. From the traditional (Movie Trailers, Posters, Billboards) to digital media when studios take advantage of the relatively new channels such as social media, mobile apps, viral techniques, etc.

Updating you with the latest news and media being used to market movies, together with after thoughts, opinions of the advertising campaigns and the films themselves.

In addition to writing original content for MoviePush, I link to a lot of articles all over the web through my twitter @rossbishop mainly focused on movie marketing. If you’re interested and like to keep up to date, please follow me.