Friday, 23 December 2016

Ross Bishop's Favourite Films Of 2016

It's been an odd year for films, although there have been some stand-out films it does seem like 2016 was quite light on quality (blockbuster and indies alike).

This was somewhat expected in my most anticipated films of 2016 list (of which there were only 3), and two of those films don't even make the top ten, yet the other one is my favourite film of 2016.

So before we start the list, let's just say DC did not do well this year with both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad being massive disappointments. BvS Ultimate Edition is an improvement but still has problems, and both versions of Suicide Squad are pretty terrible. Hopefully Wonder Woman and Justice League next year make up for it.

Anyway on to the top ten of 2016...

10. Zootopia
I started watching this with no real expectations and quickly realised this was going to be a very good film indeed. One of the best animations in recent years. BUY

9. Finding Dory
It's good to finally have a quality Pixar film again, and one that almost lives up to the original. BUY

8. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
I've seen this getting mixed reviews, but for me I really enjoyed the re-introduction to the wizarding world and the slightly more adult themes. Excited to see where this franchise goes... BUY

7. Room
A gripping film that spends much of it runtime in the aforementioned "room". A smaller film that I highly recommend you hunt out and give a watch. BUY

6. The Jungle Book
I was surprised at how good this "live-action" remake is, and the CGI animals are all incredible. BUY

5. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Not quite on par with The Force Awakens, but a very good movie none the less, with a spectacular final act that puts the WAR in Star Wars. BUY

4. Doctor Strange
A great new character joins the MCU, with some of most spectacular special effects and action in any film I've ever seen. BUY

3. Deadpool
Despite some interesting time jumps with how the story unfolds, Deadpool is a pretty standard superhero origin film, however Ryan Reynolds portrayal of the "merc with the mouth" elevates this to one of best superhero movies around. BUY

2. The Revenant
Leonardo DiCaprio isn't in bad films. A visually stunning, captivating revenge and survival story told with magnificent direction. Love it. BUY

1. Captain America: Civil War
At the moment it seems Marvel can do no wrong, Civil War is an absolute triumph of a movie. Juggling multiple characters, outstanding set-pieces, great humour and introducing 2 new characters to the MCU. They make it look easy. And next year we get 3 new Marvel movies - yay! BUY

Side note - Disney are absolutely killing it at the moment, 6 out of the 10 are made by them!

Friday, 15 January 2016

Ross Bishop's Most Anticipated Movies of 2016 (sort-of)

So I usually write one of these every year, but this year I’d put it off as when I first thought about it there’s was only a few films I was excited about enough to even consider writing about them. However getting further into January, it felt like I could at least write a list of my top 3, so here we go…

Captain America: Civil War
I absolutely cannot wait for this! The Winter Soldier is my favourite (non-Avengers) Marvel film so to get a direct sequel to that by the same writers/directors, which also introduces Spider-Man to MCU has me very excited.

Suicide Squad
I really liked the “comic-con” trailer for this, so interested to see how it plays out and the introduction of a new Joker and Harley Quinn is great. It will also be good to see a villain-centric superhero movie, which mixes up what we’ve been used to seeing and see how this fits in with the new DCEU.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Mixed feelings about this.

Of course I’m excited to finally see a live-action Batman v Superman movie, however from everything we’ve heard so far this film seems like it’s in danger of being very over-stuffed. If it was purely the story of introducing Batman, the conflict between the titular characters and having Lex Luthor so they have a reason to join forces at the end, I could see that working. However, we know we’re getting that plus an introduction for Wonder Woman, Doomsday, most likely Aquaman and rumours of the Flash, Cyborg and a third villain?! Unless it’s 4 hours long, I can’t see all these elements being included successfully. I’m getting a very “Amazing Spider-Man 2” feeling about it – but hoping I’m wrong.

At this point, it’s more anticipation of finding out if it’s actually good, rather than excitement because I think it will be!

And the rest…

These are other movies I want to see this year - The Revenant, Creed, Deadpool, Rogue One, X-Men: Apocalypse, Doctor Strange, Hateful Eight, Fantastic Beast, Finding Dory, The Jungle Book, Ninja Turtles 2, Warcarft and Assassins Creed.

So have I missed anything obvious, let me know your thoughts.